Our Services

Services Include But Are Not Limited

  1. Comprehensive vision examinations
  2. Diabetic Eye Examinations
  3. Contact lenses examinations
  4. Low vision examinations. Works with patients with low vision to help meet the visual requirements for State of Tennessee drivers’ license.
  5. Treatment of eye diseases including infections, allergies, glaucoma and foreign body removal.
  6. Co manage refractive surgery (lasik refractory surgery) .
  7. East Tennessee State Ophthalmology has clinic in Dr. Chambers office monthly. This allows for cataract surgery to be done at Unicoi County Hospital.
  8. Optical Services include ordering contact lenses, optical frames and lenses.

Services available:

Ocular Health and Visual Examinations:

The comprehensive eye examination at Dr. Chambers’ office includes both a vision analysis and a detailed ocular health Examination. The ocular health includes examination for dry eye, ocular allergies, cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Visual field testing and retinal photography are available if indicated.

Diabetic Eye Examinations:

Most medical health insurance companies request that their members have an annual diabetic eye health examination. We provide the requested dilated retinal examination and glaucoma screening as requested by insurance companies.

Contacts Lenses:

If you would like the freedom from glasses, you might consider contact lenses for your visual needs. Our contact lens examination includes a free trial pair of contacts and a follow up evaluation to insure the contacts are meeting your visual needs.

Acute Eye Infections and Injuries:

Conjunctivitis is the term used for patients with “pink eye”. The conjunctivitis can be allergic, viral, or bacterial. Other causes of red eyes include diseases such as glaucoma, iritis, or corneal abrasions and foreign bodies. Dr. Chambers will determine a diagnosis and treatment plan for your eye infection or injury. If an eye injury is present, the injury will be treated as necessary.

Eye Pain:

Eye pain can occur from many causes. It can be caused by a foreign body in or on the eye, a corneal abrasion or possibly from glaucoma. Eye pain should not be ignored. The underlying cause needs to be diagnosed and treated.

Laser Refractive Surgery:

Dr. Chambers Co-manages refractive laser surgery with The Laser Center in Johnson City, TN. We will be happy to provide an initial consultation, referral, and follow up required with laser refractory surgery.

Ophthalmology Service Available:

East Tennessee State University’s Department of Ophthalmology has been providing ophthalmology services through Dr. Chambers office for over ten years. Cataract surgery patients can be seen in Dr. Chambers’ office, surgery done at hospital in Erwin and then follow up care in Erwin. Other ophthalmology problems are also handled in Erwin.

Optical Services:

We order contact lenses and spectacles through our office. We provide spherical, toric, and bifocal contact lenses. Soft or gas permeable contacts are available. We can also provide low vision magnification devices. Some of our frames include Vera Bradley, Paula Dean, Eddie Bauer, Sophia Loren, Elle, Esprit, Gloria Vanderbilt, Real Tree, VARI, Safilo, Marchon, Charmont, and Joan Collins.